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Pediatric Eye Care


Kids’ eye exams are very important. Many parents feel that the vision screenings done at the pediatrician’s office and at school are sufficient enough for their kids’ eye exams. While these screenings are good at catching big problems, they are merely a screening. The doctors at Southwest Eye Care like to see kids for a full eye exam before 1st grade. After the initial exam, we will continue to follow your children’s progress with routine exams every one to two years.


Why Pediatric Eye Care is Important

Kids eyes are one of the most important tools for their educational success. Kindergartners and first graders are learning how to read. Older kids are being challenged with a lot of tracking and far too near focusing when copying off SmartBoards and overheads. Besides general visual acuity, we also do testing to make sure their eyes are working together to give them good comfortable depth perception.


If your child does not enjoy reading or is reporting headaches, it could be that their eyes are not working together or it could be a focusing problem. Many children are reporting problems that we typically only see in adults, such as tearing and redness, due to the increased use of computers and hand-held games.

Depth perception is also very important for success in sports such as baseball, hockey and basketball. Parents with children in sports should also consider safety eyewear for sports such as soccer, tennis, baseball and basketball. There are many options for young children to adults regarding contact lenses, glasses and sunwear to help them see clearly and comfortably throughout their day.

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