We will be closed on the 3rd and 4th of July.

Please allow extra time when traveling to our Norwood and Hutchinson clinics due to construction on highway 212.
Due to our continued measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are still requiring appointments for all services, including optical. Thank you for your understanding during this time.


“I was ten years old. My brother cried when he saw me in my first pair of specs. I was grinning ear to ear, so amazed at what I had been missing all this time. The next fourteen years I never left home without them. Contacts never worked for me, which affected my one true passion in life, playing sports. I just played blind. I was 20 when I first looked into LASIK, I was told “no” over and over again. I gave up. Until I went in for a routine check up, I asked Dr. Dockter about contacts. He asked me if I was interested in LASIK. My story ends here.

Fast forward 5 months, I am close to 20/20. Everything has changed.

Habitually, I still reach for the lenses and the bow. I have to tell myself, “This is not a dream.” Thank you Southwest Eye Care, Dr. Dockter especially! For you have given me sight, in all its clarity!”

-Justin Potthast

Justin Potthast and family

“I have been going to Southwest Eye Care in Norwood for 1 year. My husband and son have been going there for about 3 years now. I want to let you know how incredibly happy I am with the staff and my glasses. First of all, the staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable and welcome. Dr. Jilek listened to my concerns, thoroughly explained the changes in my vision and made a very wise suggestion that I try the no-line bifocals. Debra was invaluable in helping me choose the perfect frames for my face. Her gentle demeanor and expert eye made me feel like I was in the best hands.I was so excited when my glasses came in that I dropped everything and headed over to get them. Again, there was Debra, ready to assist me. She took the time to explain how the brain takes in and processes all the new information that the eyes are bringing in and showed me how to wear and manage the bifocals. To top it all off, she walked me to my car and explained how to approach curbs and stairs.

Talk about caring and professional service – WOW! The craftsmanship of these lenses are wonderful. My brain is already adjusting my instincts as to where I need to be looking through the lenses at every given moment. So far, this has been an easy adjustment to wearing bifocals. I am so very thankful for the amazing staff that Southwest employs.”

-Tamara Bracht


“On February 15th, 2017 we took our 3 year old son into Southwest Eye to see Dr. Scott Glaser and his team. He’s left eye would trope out and being a concerned momma I took him in right away. With my son not being able to speak words yet, but knows some sign language, I was skeptical in finding anything out, but boy was I wrong!

Scott asked questions that made us realize things about our “late” blooming boy! He asked simple questions like; if he would walk around something 1-2 times and the 3rd time, trip (yes). Over shoot, under shoot, side shoot objects (Yes), and more. He then went on to explain that our brains will always take the easiest route out, so if 1 eye doesn’t listen, then the brain shuts it off. After our initial 30 minute appointment and very easy pre-exam testing, we scheduled the next week to have his eyes dilated and come to find out he’s a +600 far-sided child!

Scott took the precaution, some doctors wouldn’t, starting him at ½ prescription. We got his glasses a week later and WOW! Instant change in our son. He leaves them on and only tries to take them off when he is tired. His balance is better, the tropping of his left eye is almost non-existent already, and with wearing them for only 10 weeks, his babbling is more frequent, and we can pick out words as well. He started to sing the ABC’s (at least the melody of it) with a week of having his glasses.

Scott and his team opened our eyes to so many things and are ABSOLUTELY incredible to work with. “Extremely knowledgeable, kind, caring and truly want the best for all their patients.” I recommend them to anyone young or old!”


Michael and Scott

“I recently had an appointment at Southwest Eye Care Norwood location. The staff was wonderful and very welcoming. When it was time to pick my glasses out they were very excited to help me. They were very honest and helped me step out of my comfort zone and pick out a new style that I love.”

-Melissa Holley

Melissa Holley

“My eyes have never felt better since I had LASIK done in your clinic.

I don’t have migraines nearly as often from squinting outside with glasses on. I don’t have to worry about putting contacts in anymore when I go outside and then put sunglasses on. I don’t have to hassle with glasses while looking at a computer screen – and I don’t have to fumble looking for glasses when my one week old baby needs something in the early hours of the morning/night.

Thanks again to all at Southwest Eye to make this possible!”

-Matt Medvec

Matt Medvec and his baby

“Wonderful caring staff. Great doctors both Bernie and Dr. Freed. I have been going to the Mound site for 20 years and never had a bad experience. They are great!”

-Jane Mealey

“I had an incredibly positive experience! I was greeted warmly upon arrival and the staff were helpful, kind, prompt, answered all of my questions, and were a joy to get optical care from; start to finish.”


“I have been going to Southwest Eye Care for years, awesome staff, everyone very professional and helpful!!”

-Julie Wilcox

“The reason I use Southwest Eye Clinic is because of the quality of care I receive and the expertise of the doctor I use.”

-Arthur Huber

“The staff at Southwest Eye Care are very friendly. They take the time to get to know you and answer all your questions.”

-Scott McCarty